Monsters University Teaser

It was only a teaser, so here is my short impression of the Monsters University: Ever since the original film dropped, I’ve been looking forward to a possible sequel. It is set up for a great sequel better than any Pixar film has been since the company’s inception, with the exception of maybe The Incredibles.

So, what we have here is a prequel, which is already disappointing. It is a cute idea to set them in their college years, and I am certain that Pixar will eventually release a quality product, but I’m still disappointed in the direction they decided to take with this film.

I won’t bother going into details about the one minute trailer, as I’m sure most of you have seen it by now (and I will attach it to this post for those of you who haven’t), but it did not really do anything to assuage my disappointment. It was cute, but nothing jumped out at me, and certainly nothing has managed to build in me anticipation for its release.

Love the mirror ball gag, though.

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  1. This one will definitely be an opening-day viewing for me. I fear it won’t have the heart that Monsters, Inc. did without the benefit of Boo, but I still love Mike and Sully. It’ll be interesting to see a clean Disney/Pixar take on college humor, too.

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