Watch Mickey and Minnie in the NEW short, Croissant de Triomphe

Mickey and Minnie Mouse star in the all-new Croissant de Triomphe (2013)

Mickey and Minnie Mouse star in the all-new Croissant de Triomphe (2013)

Cartoon Brew is reporting that, starting on June 28th, Disney will begin airing 19 new, modern-looking ultra-short shorts on Disney Channel and  Today we get a look at the first of them HERE.

If I’m being completely honest, I wanted to dislike it.  I love Mickey’s classic look and don’t feel that he and his better half need any modern characterization.  I also bemoan the ever-shortening attention span and what it means for runtimes in features, shorts, and even television series.  The idea of a modernized Mickey and a short that tops out at just over three minutes sounds like a springboard for a good what’s wrong with kids today rant from yours truly.

But … I enjoyed it.  Minnie Mouse is, as usual, a total sweetie pie and scene stealer, even when she’s not delivering her charming lines in her first language.  Sadly, Mickey’s struggles didn’t result in much payoff either in humor nor heroism.  The film just didn’t last long enough to bring either.  I enjoyed a couple classic cartoon gags, like Minnie’s mouth filling the screen as she screams (something we’ve seen as far back as Disney’s very first Silly Symphony, Hell’s Bells).  I hope that in the future we’ll see more nods to traditional cartoon conventions mixed in with this stylized animation and character design.  I also hope that Mickey can find the space to be the plucky, funny hero we know and love, even in this too-short format.  Artistically, Disney comes up trumps again.  But when do they not?

What did you think of Croissant de Triomphe?  Are you looking forward to seeing the rest of Disney’s new shorts when they premiere this summer?

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