Mickey Mouse in Panda-Monium

Another new Mickey Mouse short has been added to the DisneyShorts YouTube page.  Is this the best summer ever or what?

Panda-Monium (2013) Title Card

Panda-Monium (2013) Title Card

Mickey goes to the zoo and experiences the frustration only a hobby photographer can know: his subject, a cute baby panda, is blocked every time he tries to get a shot.  You would think the real lesson here is that all of Mickey’s shots are ruined by an automatic flash.

Mickey uses a camera flash when taking a photo of an insect under glass.  Because the properties of light have no meaning in cartoons.  Duh.

No flash pictures!

This wasn’t my favorite of the new Mickey shorts by a long shot, but a moment of animated joy happens with a subverted “idea light bulb” gag.  It’s the first time I’ve seen a light bulb over the head in a Disney cartoon in decades.

A lightbulb over the head: the universal cartoon symbol for a good idea.

A light bulb over the head: the universal cartoon symbol for a good idea.

What did you think of Panda-Monium?  If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it right here!

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