Weekend Reads – 12/13/13

• Exploring Bambi’s Jewish Roots with Author Paul Reitter | Cartoon Brew

If Woody Allen Wrote Your Favorite Disney Films | Buzzfeed

See more on Buzzfeed

If Woody Allen Created Your Favorite Disney/Pixar Films – see more on Buzzfeed

• Director Saschka Unseld has created an online advent calendar all about the making of The Blue Umbrella.

Radio Harambe T-Shirt for Sale | Jambo Everyone

Blizzard Beach Bathroom Signage | Disney Hipsters

• Mike Bonifer takes an in-depth look at Walt, the Disney biopic that never was | Cartoon Brew

And no, they're not talking about this.

And no, they’re not talking about this.

How to Display and Preserve Your Disney Wedding (and other) Photos | The Disney Wedding Podcast

3X Ward Kimball | Deja View

How Pixar Saved Toy Story from Becoming a Disney Disaster | Deadline

Fact-Checking Rumors of Walt Disney’s Dark Side | Vulture


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  1. Thanks Melissa! I appreciate the leads, not that I NEED more to read 🙂

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