Disney Beer Review: Spoetzl Brewery’s Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale

Editor’s note: As we prepare for Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival, we’re sampling some of the beverages that will be offered at this year’s festival at home.  Our main focus will be on the beers more commonly found in the western United States, as they may not be as familiar to the Walt Disney World fans on the East Coast.

Shiner as the brewery is colloquially known actually is produced by the Spoetzl Brewery out of Shiner, TX. Their Shiner Bock is pretty much the official beer of Texas. It’s as ubiquitous as any beer is with pretty much any region in the country. This year, the Epcot Food and Wine Festival has included their Wild Hare Pale Ale in the offerings at the the Craft Beers kiosk.

Wild Hare

Wild Hare Pale Ale in the bottle and the glass.  Bonus!  The bottle cap is a twist-off.

As a pale ale, you can expect a larger hop profile than you would get in your average American lager (that category would include Budweiser products, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with beer types). More hops equals a dryer product, and compared to the flagship Shiner Bock, this is certainly drier. It has not lost its yeasty profile, however, and the hops do not add much in the way of bitterness. There’s a slight citrus note both on the palate and in the nose. This lends to a drinkability that you don’t normally find in a pale ale. Usually, with a pale ale, you can have one or two before your mouth feels like a desert. This example could almost pass as a refreshing summer brew. It’s definitely BBQ cooler fodder, and as such it should be a huge hit at the fest this year.

Melissa’s one-line, indifferent-to-beer review: “Floral, hoppy and caramel.”

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