Hyperion Papers Thanks Our Troops

We here at Hyperion Papers would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all of the soldiers who are serving, have served or have fallen in service to the United States of America and elsewhere in the world on this Veteran’s/Remembrance Day.  It’s a tough job, one fraught with peril and great adversity.  It takes a brave person to give him or herself to his or her country.  No matter how you feel about war, we all know individuals who have served, and it doesn’t take much to recognize their worth in your life.  It’s also a day to remember those we know who are no longer with us because they have died too soon for a cause they believed to be above all others, the idea of freedom, from tyranny and oppression.

So thank a veteran, today and everyday.  It’s a good thing to do.  And seriously, let’s start giving our vets the day off on Veteran’s Day.  If the post office can be closed, why can’t the guy sitting next to me who is still in the armed forces after over 30 years of service take a day to relax and reflect?

Anyway, to lighten things up a little, but staying with the theme, here’s a Private Pluto from 1943 (it also happens to be the first ever appearance of a certain chipmunk duo).

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