Danny and Melissa are a couple of Disney enthusiasts who bonded over their love of film and childhood experiences in Disney Parks.  Danny grew up in Florida, Melissa in California, and both have happy memories of touring their respective states’ home parks from a young age.  Their fondness for the parks was rekindled when they had their first date in Disneyland in 2005.

Now living in Montana, the pair have endeavored to visit at least one Disney park a year since that first date.  They can usually be found in Walt Disney World during Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival and in Disneyland for Melissa’s birthday in early June.  In between park visits, they satisfy their Disney cravings by watching films.  While Danny prefers Pixar features, Melissa is an avid consumer of the Walt Disney Studios’ animated shorts, particularly the Silly Symphonies, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck series.

The Hyperion Papers touches on a wide range of Disney-related topics, but the main focus is on news and reviews from the Disney parks and production studios.  Launching in late Summer, the Hyperion Tapes will be a weekly podcast in which our hosts discuss current events in the wide world of Disney news.


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