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Alice in Wonderland Style Cookies

My first thought when I saw the below cookies was, “I think I’ve found my next baking project.”

My second thought was, “I want to see more like this!”

So, thanks to the uncredited photo I saw on Tumblr (right), I’ll be starting a new series on this blog, which I’m awkwardly referring to as “Life Imitates the Art of Disney.”  Posts with that tag will be about people who bring the world of Disney into their real-life creative endeavors.

Left: cookies screencaped from Disney's Alice in Wonderland (1951).  Right: eerily similar real-life cookies.  Color me impressed!

Left: cookies screencaped from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (1951). Right: eerily similar real-life cookies. Color me impressed!

On the left is a screencap from Alice in Wonderland (1951).  On the right are some real-life cookies I saw on Tumblr while searching for goodies to hand out as wedding favors.  The attention to detail in recreating the shot is pretty fantastic.  If anybody knows the origin of this photo, I’d love to give credit to the photographer/baker responsible.


UPDATE: Many thanks to reader C.A. Stavridis, who appears to have found the original source of these cookies!  Check out the recipe and method of execution for each of the cookies over at Diamonds for Dessert.


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Listen to Disney Theme Park Music on Utilidors Audio Broadcasting

This is just a quick shout-out to one of our favorite theme park media sites on the Web.  Utilidors Audio Broadcasting is a wonderful free Internet radio service that plays Disney theme park music exclusively.  Not only can you log on from any Internet-capable device to listen to their live stream, you can also request your favorite tracks!  Be sure to check them out if ever you want to be transported to the Disney Parks right from your desk!

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Oswald at Target

Ladies Oswald the Lucky Rabbit shorts from Target!

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Disney on Ice: Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey

Now that we live in Montana, our opportunities to enjoy some Disney magic in our hometown are few and far between.  We can no longer go to the World of Disney in Manhattan on a whim, nor do we have great revival theaters that play the classics from time to time.  Pixar Studios re-released a lot of its movies to AMC theaters on Memorial Day weekend, but the nearest AMC to us is probably hundreds of miles away.  The one tiny mall in our city doesn’t even have a Disney store.

Often when we need a Disney fix, we just pop in a DVD or listen to park music at UAB Magic.  We also subscribe to several blogs and post frequently on various Disney-dedicated message boards.  But when I saw that Disney on Ice would be coming to our city about a month after we moved here, I suggested we go (read: I begged Danny to take me).  I had been to Disney on Ice a couple times as a little girl with my family.  Danny had never been and thus, didn’t know what to expect.  This was probably lucky for me, as I’m sure I’ll never get him to make the same mistake again.  He’s not a fan of ice skating, has no particular affinity for costumed Disney characters, and doesn’t enjoy live Disney shows with low production value (“Voyage of the Little Mermaid” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I’m talking about you).

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