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Disneyland Dining: Jolly Holiday Bakery

The Jolly Holiday Bakery Café is Disneyland’s newest quick-service dining establishment.  It opened in January of this year when the Carnation Café and Blue Ribbon Bakery closed for refurbishment.  Chef Oscar Martinez, the famed head chef of Carnation Café and the record-holder for the longest tenure as a Disneyland employee (55 years and counting!), is responsible for Jolly Holday’s delicious menu.

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June 2012 Disneyland Trip Report – Part 1

Today marks the grand re-opening of Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim.  Unfortunately, Danny and I aren’t there to witness the spectacular event because we just got home from Disneyland a week ago.

This vacation was planned before we knew what the exact opening dates would be for Carsland and Buena Vista Street.  When we found out that June 15th would be the official re-opening day, it was too late to change anything.  If it were just Danny and me on this vacation, we would have happily pushed our trip back by ten days.  However, this time, it was a big family vacation.  It wasn’t just our schedule that would have to change.  My grandma, mom, sister, sister’s boyfriend, aunt and two cousins were joining us.  It was the Disneyland vacation that my grandma always wanted to take with all of her grandchildren.  Something Grandma had talked about wanting for 20 years was finally happening.  We’d all been to Disneyland separately, but this would be the largest group in which any of us had ever toured the parks.

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We’re Back!

We just returned from a wonderful vacation to Disneyland.  We had a fantastic time and plan to write all about it in the coming days.  Of course, the big news at the Disneyland Resort is the opening of Buena Vista Street and Carsland on Friday.  While our vacation fell a little too early for the grand re-opening of Disney California Adventure, we do plan to talk about some of the new changes we were able to see at the park while we were there.   Cast member previews were taking place during our visit and excited chatter was in the air everywhere in and around the park.

This trip differed a little from our previous vacations.  Usually on our visits to Disney Parks, we’re alone for the vast majority of our visit.  This time, we were there for a family reunion of sorts.  Our group was as large as twelve people at times, one of whom was in a wheelchair.  Touring the park in a large group was eye-opening.  We plan to share our insights on touring Disneyland with a big crowd as well as navigating the parks when a member of your party has a disability.  We’ll also share some of the highlights of our vacation, including reviewing the Chef’s Tasting Menu at Napa Rose, meeting Minnie’s Fly Girls, and the best of Disneyland attractions old and new.  Stay tuned!

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